A few of my newer pieces

This quilt was inspired by another design in a Kaffe Fassett book.  I am really into the striped fabrics right now so that was my starting point.  Then I had a lot of fun adding bits of color to jazz it up.  In a bunch of the little bits, I tried to capture the image of what I liked most about that particular piece of fabric, like a cat’s face or a fighting knight, or even just a beautiful color.


As I was finishing up the final border, I ran out of fabric and had to insert a lighter shade from the same fabric collection.  I added the red to help it stand out more and really liked it.

IMG_2009 IMG_2007


I found this amazing fabric (the solids with a dotted look and texture) and wanted to still play around with the idea of adding pieces of fabric to the squares and rectangles.  I decided to make funky diamond shapes and use those all over the quilt.  


IMG_1992        IMG_1993


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