Mug Rugs – Round One!

While my daughter and husband were out racing sailboats all weekend, I had a grand time making mug rugs for the first time.  I was inspired by Christa Rolf’s book Mug Rugs and a technique from Tara Rebman’s Craftsy Class, Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork (the potholder class).  Here are my first batch of mug rugs.


IMG_2050 IMG_2046 IMG_2038 IMG_2037


8 thoughts on “Mug Rugs – Round One!

  1. Great looking mug rugs. The fabrics are great – colourful and vibrant. I have enjoyed looking at your quilt gallery, too. You have made some wonderful quilts.
    I see you love sailing. I am guessing you would have enjoyed having the America’s Cup races on your doorstep earlier this year.

    1. Hi Karen. Thank you so much for your kind words! I was just looking at your site and your red and white quilt is amazing! I also loved your little crochet squares. My daughter and I tried to crochet last summer but failed! I think we need to take a class. 🙂 I hope I can figure out how to vote for your quilt on Amy’s Creative Side blog. PS – the America’s Cup racing was super cool! Scary boats though!

      1. I tried to crochet many times. Several people tried to teach me but no luck. I finally decided I needed to go to classes and found someone who could make sense of it all to me. I only started a year ago and have realised how much there is to learn. Good luck finding the right teacher!

  2. Linda!…you are soo talented!…never heard of mug rugs, but my 8 yr. old daughter Hannah is my budding artist, and will love to see your beautiful work!! is it easy enough for a kid to do? and a not so artistic mother??

    1. Hi Leslie! Thank you 🙂 I really love making anything I can with fabric (except clothes…too many instructions…hee hee)! Yes, I think you and Hannah could definitely make the mug rugs. I’ll post a few photo’s of the different steps so you can see what is involved. I hope you and your family are doing great!!

    2. Hi Leslie! In case you and Hannah get inspired, I have added some step by step directions for making mug rugs on my website. I hope you give them a try – I think you both will have fun making them 🙂
      Have a great week! Linda

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