Work in Progress Wednesday!

I have been having a blast working on a simple and fun block called “Retro”.  The block pattern is from a book by Camille Roskelley called Simply Retro.  I really love her patterns –  they all look so clean and crisp.  Her blocks are also very straight-forward so you can just jump right into them without having to read lots of directions.  I’m a big fan of simple 🙂

Here are the parts to the one I am working on now.  I have to make 6 more of the blocks and then I can start sewing them all together.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!



8 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday!

    1. Hi Wendy – thank you 🙂 I am hoping to get the remaining blocks done in the next couple of days. Then I get to sew it all together – I can’t wait to see how it looks! Have a great day. Linda

    1. Hi Diana – thank you 🙂 I did the same pattern in purple and orange last week. I’ll have to post a picture of it. It looks really different than the red and white one I am currently finishing. Happy Friday!

  1. This is such a versatile pattern. So many great variations. Your blocks are so colourful and fresh. They look great. I am looking forward to seeing it together.

    1. Hi Karen – thank you 🙂 I ended sewing one of the rows upside down last night and had to rip it out – Oops! I am hoping to get it all sewn together tonight and then I’ll post it. Happy Friday:)

    1. Hi Diana – I finished the red one. I really like the pattern too. The purple/orange combo is a bit strong for me…I may have to put a border on it to help tone it down some more. Have a great Monday! Linda

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