The “Retro” Block – Kevin’s Red One and the Purple One

Camille Roskelley’s “Retro” block was definitely a lot of fun to make.  In fact I liked it so much that I made two quilts with that block.  I thought it would be fun to try the quilt in purple and orange.  Because the  purple and orange were so strong in color, I added the white blocks in the middle to help break it up a bit.  As I was putting this quilt together, I thought that using a red dot and plain white would look really cool too.  So after I finished the first quilt, I jumped right into the second one.  I chose six other dot fabrics and started cutting.  Both quilts came together quickly and I like how they make such a neat pattern.  I am looking forward to getting these quilted 🙂  They always look so much better when they have been quilted and bound!

As I spread the red one out on my couch to take a look, my puppy Kevin immediately jumped up on it.  He loves my quilts – tee-hee!


Here is the purple one.  Mike and Erica thought it looked very Halloween-ish!



Here is the red dot quilt.  I ran out of the red dot fabric toward the end and had to substitute another dot fabric in.  I actually like how it turned out.  It gives the quilt a little burst of energy.



And my two faithful companions…







6 thoughts on “The “Retro” Block – Kevin’s Red One and the Purple One

  1. They both look wonderful. I am always fascinated to see how a design comes together and how different it looks when the colours are changed. I can’t say I have a favorite as I like them both.
    You have been busy!

    1. Hi Karen, the red one went together so quickly because I was so excited to see how it would turn out! I think I may have to add a border of some sort to the purple/orange one; those two colors are a bit overpowering! Happy Monday! Linda

    1. Hi Sara – thank you! I had a lot of fun putting together the red one! I may have to do another one – maybe with turquoise dots as the main fabric! Happy Monday. Linda

  2. Linda,

    I love the quilts. I am a fan of bright colors. I can’t tell you how much you inspire me. I’m pretty new to quilting and I think I’ve found my fountain of inspiration. Your pups are adorable.

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