Work in Progress – Bali Pops and Sailboats

I love the assorted shades of blue that came in my “Bali Pop” roll.  All the different blues reminded me of the water, so of course sailboats needed to be a part of this project as well.

I have the center area finished, but now I need to figure out what comes next.  Definitely time to go look at other people’s quilts for some ideas and inspiration 🙂




10 thoughts on “Work in Progress – Bali Pops and Sailboats

    1. Hi Diana – thanks 🙂 I’m not making this one for anyone in particular yet. I am kind of suck on what to add next though. The blues on the top are different than the blue/greens on the bottom so it looks lopsided to me right now. Hmmmm what to do to make it feel more cohesive? Any ideas?

  1. I just found your blog while I was visiting Quilts With Personality. I’ll be following your blog. Your sailboats are wonderful and very cheery. As for next step on this beauty what if your border is half light blue and half dark blue. The light blue being next to the dark section and the dark blue next to the light blue section. I hope this makes sense. Or maybe even mixing in some of the fabrics from the sail boats if you have enough? Or maybe 2 borders, first the blues and then the fabrics from the sailboats. I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide to do next..

    1. Hi Lea – thank you! I love your ideas of what to put next on the Bali Pop Sailboat quilt! I might try the reverse color idea – with the dark on the bottom and the lighter on the top. That may help pull it together more – 🙂 When I saw how different the blues were when I separated them, I thought uh-oh…not sure if that look is working for me. I’ll post what I end up doing.
      Have a great day!

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