Playing with a Jelly Roll

Here is another set of blocks I am playing with.  I started off with this cool jelly roll.  I had seen a block like this on Jeni Baker’s site and wanted to give it a try.  However rather than using white as the background, I wanted to use a busy looking fabric just to see what it would look like.  I have finished half of the blocks and I think the striped background fabric adds some fun energy into the block.  I am about halfway done with the blocks and am looking forward to making more!



5 thoughts on “Playing with a Jelly Roll

  1. They look like tiered cakes to me;) Maybe because I jsut had a kids B-day party at my house this past weekend with a tiered cake LOL Nonetheless they are really awesome blocks!!

    1. Hi Sara – how funny – i also think they look like little cakes! And I have not even been to birthday party recently! I think the colors lend themselves to cake thoughts as well… Makes me want to have a cupcake or something!! Have a great day.

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