Playing with Something New

Mike and Erica found a really cool new yarn & fabric shop called A Verb for Keeping Warm.  What a great place!  As soon as you walk into their shop, all you see is color and texture.  The colors of the yarns are all so rich and vibrant; it makes you just want to buy one of each!  They also have some unusual fabrics that I haven’t come across before, so of course I had to get a few of those too.

I have been reading Helen Parrott’s Mark Making – Fresh Inspiration for Quilt and Fiber Artists.  What a neat book!  So many great photographs with lots of ideas.  So based on what I have seen in that book, here is something I am currently working on.  My plan is to make the flowers go across the width of the fabric.  After that, I am not sure yet what to do with it – maybe add some things to it to make a pillow or wall hanging?  Either way, I am really enjoying playing with my new yarns!




6 thoughts on “Playing with Something New

  1. I do enjoy finding new stores. It looks like you are on a winner with this one.
    Great to see how bright and cheerful your stitching is looking.

    1. Thanks Karen. I am getting a kick out of making the flowers – the yarns are just so colorful and soft. I figure it will take a long time to finish because I am only doing 5-6 flowers per evening. But I think it will be cool once it is full!

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