Outrageous Outfits!

What to wear – maybe those rainbow I Dream of Jeannie pants, or maybe that tie dye shirt, or maybe those skinny jeans… so many options!  Too bad the outfits are only 8 ” tall.  Rats!

Playing with Steam a Seam and fabric sure is fun!  Even though I can’t draw worth beans, I can do quite well with just free handing with a pair of scissors.  Although I’m sure the fashion police would be horrified at my combinations!   You can tell I have a very active imagination and had so much fun making this quilt.  I basically tried to come up with the craziest color combinations possible and the shape of the tops and bottoms were just how I happened to cut them out.  Hope this quilt makes you smile 🙂



22 thoughts on “Outrageous Outfits!

    1. Hi M-R! Thank you 🙂 I am going to have my daughter show me how to add the TGIFF button to my website! I love being able to look at all the other link-ups, so many wonderful quilts out there. Your quilting is amazing! Loved looking at the piece you showcased this week.

    2. Hi M-R – thank you! I am going to have my daughter show me how to add the TGIFF button to my website 🙂 What a fun link-up you hosted! So many beautiful quilts to see up close. I also loved the quilting project you showcased this week – beautiful!

  1. This is such a fun quilt! It certainly made me smile. The outfits are each so different, and that makes the quilt so interesting to look at!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday and welcome to the party!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. Hi Kelly – thank you! I have really enjoyed looking at the other link-ups from your Needle and Thread Thursday! I have been happily checking out their websites. There are so many great quilters out there! Thank you for hosting your link-up 🙂 I loved your Amy Butler fabric quilt – it looks like Spring 🙂

  2. Just so you don’t think I’m crazy or stalking you, I do know that I left two previous comments. But that quilt just deserves being looked at several times, if not more!

    1. You just made me smile Diana!!! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂
      I really did have a blast making this quilt. I also tried once (and only once) to make an outfit that was closer to 12″ tall. Oh my gosh what a funny disaster that was! Since I was just freehand cutting with scissors, the larger size accentuated all of the irregularities and imperfections. It looked so bad that I tossed it. The smaller size is very forgiving to look at – the mistakes just look small too 🙂 I was so surprised that the scale made such a big difference. Anyway it was a good experiment 🙂 Have a great day!

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