African Fabric Quilt

I just finished my African Fabric Quilt!  This quilt was so fun to make for several different reasons.  To start with, the fabrics used were Christmas gifts from my family.  The African type fabrics were from Mike and Erica and I couldn’t wait to use them in a quilt.  In addition, my brother and his family sent me this cool assortment of fat quarters that each member of his family picked out and so I used a bunch of those as well!  The white fabric actually came from two re-purposed old work shirts of Mike’s.  Quite the family affair!

I also really enjoyed making the blocks.  The center blocks and inner border blocks came from patterns in Tula Pink’s book.  I was really pleased with how those two blocks came out with the fabric I was using.  It seemed like the block design matched the fabric in a neat way.

Lastly, I put together my favorite border…my own crazy mixed-up, mash-up.  There is nothing better than a chaotic collection of color.  I love how it just bellows “COLORFUL BRIGHTNESS!” at you!  🙂  My friend Sondra will be quilting it for me soon so I’ll post one more picture when it’s finished.


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18 thoughts on “African Fabric Quilt

    1. Hi Brenda, thank you! I loved your post from yesterday showing the colorful checks. The colors are great and I think the gold thread you used for the quilting was such a neat touch! I also really love the applique you are working on – the one with the scrappy flowers and scrappy leaves. WOW – those are really pretty! Can’t wait to see those when you are finished, especially those leaves!

    1. Hi Kris – thank you! I was just checking out your blog too 🙂 The blue quilt on your most recent post is beautiful! The navy blue really sets off the other colors and makes it look very vibrant. I totally did not notice your ironing board until I read your note and then I had to giggle. I’ve had some odd things show up in the backgrounds of some of my pictures too 🙂
      I really loved your site’s lead picture – the sunshine quilt. That is a stunner!!! WOW! Have you done more like that? And was that paper pieced? I’ve never done paper piecing but I’m seeing more and more of it on the different blogs and was curious.
      Have a great day and I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you! I think I am going to make more of the Tula Pink blocks. They are really fun to put together and her directions are really easy to understand. See you over at your site 🙂

    1. Hi Sara – thank you 🙂 The colors were a little darker than I usually work with, but it was a lot of fun to make. I think using the Tula Pink blocks really made the fabrics shine. Have a great day!

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