Discovering Fat Quarter Bundles!

Believe it or not I only recently discovered Fat Quarter Bundles and the wonderful Fat Quarter on-line shop!  I love being able to buy a whole fabric line but in a scaled down way.  Here is one of the most recent Fat Quarter Bundles I played around with.  Just a very simple block but I like the overall look because of how neat the fabrics look together.  Not sure what to do with this quilt – just something that was fun and relaxing to make 🙂  I am pretty sure the name of the line is Apple Jack (which also happens to be the name of one of my favorite cereals when I was a kid).





18 thoughts on “Discovering Fat Quarter Bundles!

  1. Fat quarter bundles are a great way to play with a line of fabric. I love buying them. Your quilt is adorable. Great job.

  2. Love the colours! You chose a wonderful pattern to show off all those bright fabrics. It is a really sweet quilt. Thanks for sharing at the Let’s Bee Social linky, Linda!

    1. Thanks! I have just been visiting your blog and have added your Japanese block tutorial to my list of blocks to try. I have just the fabric bundle for it too – Kate Spain’s daydreams. I think that would work really well with your block. I am currently working on a simple quilt using Amy Schimler’s new Jungle Creatures line – I just love her stuff! Always colorful and filled with fun designs.

  3. I am visiting from Lets Bee Social-I am Kathy and I live in the Ozarks in Missouri.
    I love your quilt-the colors are so pleasing, looks like a perfect childs quilt too.

    1. Hi Elita – thanks! I was just looking at your website and got a kick out of your ninja quilt post. That really looked like fun. So not only did we both like Apple Jacks as kids, but we both love purple bubble minky fabric! I just made a quilt and that is the back. Just for fun, I’ll post that quilt in the next week or so 🙂

    1. Hi Diana – thanks 🙂 Are you getting another artic vortex thingie – or just plain snow? We have been having crazy nice weather here. Even though I know we really need the rain, there is also something to be said for gorgeous blue skies and 70 degree temperatures everyday 🙂
      Are you making progress on your Good Night Irene quilt? I really love the fabrics you are using and am looking forward to seeing more of your blocks! Hope you and Rosie are staying warm 🙂

  4. These bundles are definitely a great way to buy a fabric line. I love them but my problem is that sometimes they look so god as a bundle I don’t want to break them open!

    1. Hi Karen – I know what you mean. I have a few that are just so gorgeous that I feel like I need to wait for the perfect block/quilt idea to come before I even take the plastic wrap off! How funny 🙂

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