Fishie Fishie

We have this really great store in Berkeley called Ethnic Arts.  They have the coolest collection of stuff I have ever seen.  I have found some super fun things in this shop, such as antique puppets from Indonesia, colorful, hand crafted David Marsh furniture and gorgeous mola pieces.

I love the mola pieces and a few years ago bought several of the larger pieces and had them framed.  They hang in our living room and I love looking at the colors, the shapes and the beautiful workmanship.  These women are incredibly talented.  On this particular trip though, I found some smaller fish pieces just stacked in a little wicker basket.  I immediately fell in love with the colors and the fish themselves.  I couldn’t seem to put them down once they were in my hands.  As I stared at them, I thought it would be really fun to put them into a quilt.  So I bought them and started thinking about how I could use them.

I decided that this would be a great opportunity to go kind of potlucky.  Most of the quilt was made with leftover blocks from other projects and scraps.  It is kind of a wonky quilt, but what the heck!  My fish have a home and quite a colorful one at that 🙂

Here is the finished quilt.



13 thoughts on “Fishie Fishie

  1. What a great way to use a lot of left over blocks. Because of the the great colours they work well together. I can see why the fish blocks appealed to you. They are great. Love the way this quilt looks!

  2. What a fun quilt! Immediately the colors made me think of Freddy Moran’s quilts. I love to see what people do with leftover blocks and these look like they were made for this. Love the fishies:)

    1. Hi Gigi – thank you 🙂
      I actually have taken a bunch of classes from Freddy. She is such a blast and I just love her. She has clearly been an influence on my quilting! Have you taken classes from her?

  3. I love the fish blocks and how you fit them into this super cool and fun quilt! I wish we had a store like that around here! — well, I live in a great metropolitan area so maybe we do and I don’t know about it.

    1. Thank you 🙂 That shop always has something unique and interesting in it. The last time I was in, they had all of these old Chinese wedding quilts on display. Some of the workmanship is incredible – especially the applique!

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