The Big Diamonds

This is the perfect quilt to make when you just want to sew, use lots of your favorite fabrics, and have a simple pattern to follow.  I grabbed the top 2 feet of fabric from both my red stack and my yellow stack and then started cutting.  From there it was just sewing together the strata and cutting the finished triangles.

I like that I used the strata for both the red and yellow parts – it makes it really fun to look at versus using a solid color or just one fabric.  The strata adds lots of spunk.

I had originally posted this as a work in progress and now here is the finished quilt 🙂

IMG_2450 IMG_2451


12 thoughts on “The Big Diamonds

    1. Hi Julie – thank you! This was super easy to do. My one piece of advice is to spray your finished strata with a heavy starch before cutting the triangles. I used a heavy starch on mine and I did not have any stretching which then made it much easier to put together.

  1. Those big diamonds are big and bold. Love the warm colours and busy prints. So much to see! I just did my first triangle quilt and your diamonds look like they were a lot of fun. Great finish! Love the borders you added!

    1. Thanks Lorna! I am really enjoying looking at your fox quilt/pattern and now your trees. I especially love the colors and the quilting in the leaves on your Kona Fox Kits Quilt Pattern sample – just beautiful!!

  2. Did you say top two feet of your color stacks?? I admit some colors I have a few more pieces than others but most I would be lucky to have a few inches of color. I think this was a perfect quilt to use some of that. I wish I had more variety but then again, I have no space. Love this finish and the border fabric is great.

    1. Hi Kris 🙂
      My husband just rolls his eyes whenever he looks at my fabric stash – hee-hee. I have taken over a small hallway and our downstairs bath tub. (We never used it anyway so what the heck!)
      PS – I love your Purple Rock Candy Mountain Quilt. Great colors and I love how the different shades of purple give it a really neat sense of depth.

    1. Hi Margaret – thank you 🙂 That’s the great thing about making a strata that is just one color – it doesn’t even matter what you’re using because it all just blends together. Makes it much easier 🙂

  3. love the quilt and the colors. I would like to make one like it but I don’t have enough bright color scraps. Perhaps a trip to my quilt shop is in order.

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