Sunday Stash

I must confess that I have been drawn into the Golden Ticket promotion over at Pink Castle Fabrics.  The thought of potentially winning a Hello Kitty sewing machine tickles me to no end!

Since one must purchase fabric to get a Golden Ticket, (and I NEED a Golden Ticket), I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shop.  This is what I ordered and received this week (below).  My goal today is to use my Thangles and make a bunch of HST using the solids and black & white text prints.  I usually don’t make anything with just solids, so it will be interesting to see if I can stick with my initial plan 🙂   Tee-hee.

Happy Sunday!



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16 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. These fabrics look really great and it sounds like a good plan, you should stick to it. So I guess you didn’t win the sewing machine, bummer 😦

    1. Hi Mara – I am quite sure that Hello Kitty sewing machine would have looked perfect in my sewing area! Oh well! I’m sure the winner will be just as tickled as I would have been. 🙂 Now it is on to cutting my new fabric for my HST project.

    1. Hi Karen 🙂
      I have been working on the HST with the solids, but am now adding in the coordinating patterned fabric. The line is Wee Wander and I love the soft colors. I just couldn’t stick with all solids – tee hee.

  2. Love the text prints AND the solids. But wait, a Hello Kitty sewing machine? OMG gotta check that out. Maybe I could put my two cats to work with that machine instead of just taking up space on my ironing board.

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