Jungle Creatures Project – Completed!

I still absolutely love the Jungle Creatures fabric line!  The colors are so cheerful to work with and the patterns are happy and full of energy.  Throw in some cute animals and I just find it irresistible!

The center of the quilt is really busy, like maybe I had one too many cups of Pineapple Lychee Green Tea 🙂  But actually when you look at it in person, it isn’t quite as nutty as the picture looks.  The borders were my attempt to calm it down a bit.  This quilt makes me giggle.  I think I am going to ask my friend Sondra if she can quilt monkeys and zebras into my quilt.  She can create anything with her long arm machine!

Now I need to decide if I want this to have a minky back or just regular cotton.  Hmmm…


Here is a close-up of the fabrics.  Aren’t they fun?


And my puppy Kevin who stood at the top of the stairs while we took a picture of the quilt.  Timmy was standing next to me so no picture this time of him.


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20 thoughts on “Jungle Creatures Project – Completed!

    1. Hi Karen – thanks 🙂 I think the quilt really needed that white – otherwise it would have been just a colored mush-blob 🙂 (Colors I love of course, but still a mush-blob). Looking forward to seeing your next project!

  1. I like the center – I get it. I am a sucker for happy colours and cute animals, too! You did a fabulous job on this top. And if I get to vote… I vote for minky! Looking forward to seeing it all quilted up, Linda. Thanks for sharing! PS. Kevin looks so hug-able!

    1. Hi Marie – thanks 🙂 I just love the fabrics and so I tried to make a quilt that showed their fun & silly energy! Seeing your polka dot binding has inspired me to do the same for this one.

  2. The colour in this quilt is amazing Linda. I’m always so scared to use brights like this but I love it – absolutely going to be a copycat on this one!!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my charity quilt and for stopping by livelovesew.com.au – Keera x

    1. Thank you Keera! When I first started quilting, I took a bunch of classes from Freddy Moran. She taught me to just have a ball with lots of bright colors 🙂 (plus she is an amazing teacher!!)

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