Triangles :)

I seem to like triangles – a lot!  There are so many different ways to use them and they’re easy to play with.  I was experimenting with a lighter color palette in this quilt.  My key color was aqua because it looks so fresh and I have never made a quilt with aqua as the focus color.

I like how the hollow triangles look but I also like how the striped triangles turned out as well.  I had a ball mixing everything up and putting them on my design wall!

I had to do something different in the bottom part of the border because I ran out of my crazy mish-mash blocks.  It’s a bit weird but oh well 🙂






16 thoughts on “Triangles :)

  1. These triangles are great fun. I like seeing the aqua in your quilt. A great contrast with the border. And I really like your solution to filling the last space in the border. If you hadn’t told us, I would have thought it was the plan all along.

  2. I am in love with triangles right now. I think the “crazy corner” looks like an asymmetrical design element. I would not have guess that you ran out of blocks.

  3. LOVE triangles. Warning, they are addicting!! LOL I am working on my second triangle quilt in a month. . . I agree – who knew they were SO versatile? 🙂 Love yours and I agree – never would have thought a thing about the corner on the border, I think it looks fabulous!

  4. What a great way to finish off the border when you run out of your planned border. Such a creative quilt!

  5. I think the bottom corner looks perfect. If you hadn’t said you ran out of your ‘crazy mish-mash’, I would have thought it was a very clever and deliberate design feature.
    I love the colour choices in this. They are so wonderfully cheerful.

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