A Little Taste of Mexico

A few years ago, one of my dearest friends travelled extensively through Mexico.  During one of her stops, she came across a collection of these beautiful pieces of hand embroidered art.  She brought them home with her and then generously gave me half of her collection to make a quilt with.  I spent a lot of time making this quilt because I wanted it to be just right.  Each fabric had to audition and I made more changes than I have ever made in a quilt just so that it would all be perfect.

I hope you enjoy looking at this one 🙂


IMG_2843 IMG_2842 IMG_2841 IMG_2840 IMG_2839




11 thoughts on “A Little Taste of Mexico

  1. oh wow! The colors and details in this quilt are just amazing. and what a treasure to know that the embroidered pieces are so unique!

    Thanks for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Holy moly!!! This quilt is spectacular! It is very apparent that you put as much love as work into this quilt. This will become an heirloom in your family, for sure.

  3. Completely not my type of quilt, but I love it. Your quilt just enhance the hand embroidery, they look like they were intended to be part of taht quilt

    1. Thank you Chantal! I really love those hand made pieces – they’re so beautiful in person. I would have loved to meet the women who made them! They are really talented.

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