2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop – Welcome!

Hello and thanks for popping into Talking Lunchbox Quilts for the 2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop!  I am really excited to be a part of this Hop and have been having a ball checking out the other Hopper’s sites.  So many beautiful quilts and awesome ideas!

I love the energy and fun of quilting.  I made my first quilt about 8 years ago and haven’t stopped since.  My point of entry was making house quilts.  Freddy Moran was my teacher and biggest inspiration.  One of her favorite sayings is to make houses that would shock the neighbors.  I took that advice to heart!

Monster House Quilt. My imagination kind of ran amuck with this one!


Houses are fun to make – so are castles!  A pink castle would surely shock the neighbors, don’t you think?

Calcutta Castle – complete with a princess in the window.

After making a bunch of house quilts – some wilder than others – I then got into making bird house quilts.  Those were also really fun to make!  If I was a bird, I would want to live in one of these crazy houses.

Birdhouse Quilt – Not for your basic bird!

I also love to make sailboats.  I started off following a pattern but after one quilt, I decided to make my own design – no measuring or fussy cutting.  I like that much better!  🙂

First Sailboat Quilt – Followed a pattern for the sailboats
Second Sailboat Quilt – started to design my own boats
Now I only make sailboats that I design. I really love making them!

I also like to play around with Steam A Seam.  I get a giggle out of making stick people quilts – they are quite cooperative and willing to do anything.  They’re just happy little devils!  Tee-hee.

I like to call this one Cirque de Stické. Yes, I am a big goofball!

This is the quilt I used for my blog.  I love all dot fabrics!  They’re so bright and happy.  A perfect match for my happy stick people.

5th Grade Dance – yep, that’s what they look like! 🙂

Here are a few random things about me and quilting:

  • I love using bright colors and fun designs to make people smile
  • Giving quilts to family and friends makes me happy
  • Taking classes and sewing with other people is so much fun
  • Buying fabric is such a blast!
  • Finding inspiration in unexpected places and ways is such a rush when it happens
  • I like to listen to books while I am sewing – ranging from mysteries to romances
  • I also like listening to music – usually R&B but I also like reggae and flamenco
  • I am a firm believer in the power of silliness and sometimes I snort when I laugh 🙂

One of my most recent quilts was inspired by a picture of a fiber art piece I saw in a magazine.

Liquid Fire – 2014

Thank you for visiting!  I hope to get to know more of you!!  OOXX

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91 thoughts on “2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop – Welcome!

    1. Hi Carla! Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment 🙂 I live in San Francisco where there is lots of fog – always makes for great inspiration to make really, really bright quilts!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by 🙂 I really enjoyed looking at your site as well! I think it is so cool how you have had multiple things published! I look forward to seeing more of your quilts and reading more of your posts moving forward! Happy Blog Hopping!

  1. Hi Linda! Your quilts really do make me smile – they are so full of whimsy and charm! Taking sewing classes really is a wonderful experience, and something that was new to me about a year ago. What a great rush!

    1. Thank you! I have really loved getting to know you more via your website. I love your quilts as well as the fun cartoons/graphics you have. Super cool! I look forward to reading your posts moving forward 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Christine…are you still thinking about the end-of-the-year quilt with little bits from each of your 2014 projects? I have been setting aside extra pieces from each quilt. I think it is such an awesome idea!

  2. Wow Linda, such awesome, vibrant colours. Your quilts are fantastic and so unique. I just love them. I can almost hear those houses, they are so loud…..glad I’m not living next door….thanks for your introduction. It’s lovely to meet you.

  3. What’s not to love here? Your quilts are bright, fun and whimsical all in a retina burning kind of way….one of my favourite ways!
    Your stick people are cuteness personified, perfect for little scraps.
    I think I’ve said it in the past but I’ll say it again,great blog name!
    Lovely to officially meet you Linda!

    1. Hi Rebecca – thank you so much! I so loved checking out your blog. Your story made me laugh and your quilts are absolutely gorgeous! Awesome pictures too by the way!! I look forward to following you and seeing what you create. Happy Blog Hopping!

  4. I like dots as well. Your quilts are really very colorful. Honestly I haven’t seen such colorful quilts yet 🙂 Fun designs though. Nice to meet you.

  5. I love to find quilters who aren’t afraid of color!!! Why make drab boring things? 😀 And I would much rather be shocked by a pink castle then some things my actual neighbors do!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I have a few more stick people quilts – they’re super fun to make and I love making them do different things. Acrobatics is one of my favorite things for them to do but sometimes they just sit around. Tee-hee. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Your quilts are awesome!! Bright happy and fun, you have attained your quilty goal 😉

    It’s not a really good belly laugh if you don’t snort 😛

  7. Look at all the colours!! I’ve never seen such fun quilts! I want to be a bird so I can live in one of those bird houses. I will have my birdhouse by the sea so I can also have a fun little boat to go with it 😀

  8. Waht a gorgeous mix of colour. I like them all but I’d run away with the monster house if you’d let me! So much fun in one quilt!

    1. Hi Carole – thank you so much 🙂 I am currently working on a new sailboat quilt using only Japanese fabrics with a white background. I usually like a colored background but thought I’d try something new. Thanks for stopping by my site.

  9. wow your quilts are awesome!!! Love the bright colors and whimsical nature. I’m sure they bring smiles to whomever receives them!!!

  10. I’m having slight problems with comments today, so apologies if you get this one more than once. Your quilts are gorgeous and colourful, and what I really love is that you have such an individual style that identifies them as very much your work.

  11. Hi Linda. I love your unique quilts. They are so bright and playful. My favourite would have to be the one with the birdhouses.I’m now a follower on bloglovin so I can see what else you produce. I saw plenty of San Francisco Bay during the America’s Cup racing. Sadly our team lost, but it was certainly exciting racing.

    1. Thank you Wendy! I get a kick out of making birdhouses! It’s always such a blast to make them as nutty as possible. How fun that you were following the America’s Cup. It was a big deal out here and we really enjoyed watching too. Are you a sailor?

  12. I love your beautiful bright quilts. I have one of Freddy and Gwen’s books and I find her work so cheerful and playful.

    1. Hi Jane – it’s me again. If you are inspired to do one of the quilts in the book, let me know and I can make the same one too. We could have a mini quilt along! 🙂 Linda

    1. Thank you Marly! The blog hop has been such a great way to show them off and even better is seeing all the awesome things everyone else is making! Lots of eye candy! Happy Hopping!

    1. Thank you Sarah. My quilt teacher, Freddy Moran, gave me that idea. We were doing a class on log cabins and when I showed her the little boats I had made, she suggested that I use those as the centers for the log cabins. Lots of fun to make and super bright!

    1. Thank you Karen 🙂 The Blog Hop has been really fun so far. There are over 80 of us, so the Hop is taking place over 4 weeks. So many cool things to admire!! Hope you are well!

    1. Thanks Leanne! Those are my favorite things to make. Whenever I am not sure what to make, I just default to one of those shapes. I am working on a new sailboat quilt right now. Once I get it further along, I’ll post it. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. your quilts are amazing! so creative! I also love all things polka dot – I made myself a drunkard’s path quilt entirely with polka dot fabrics.

  14. A pink castle would shock the neighbors, but how fun would that be! I love your quilts! It is nice to meet you!

  15. What fun your quilts are! I cannot imagine you sewing anything dull or beige.
    I just saw flamenco performed in Spain and one of the things I brought home was a CD or two of the music. It was mostly Spanish guitar music without singing, so if you can recommend a good singer, please do!

    1. Thank you! I love lots of bright colors!
      How funny – as I was thinking about my favorite flamenco music it occurred to me that I don’t think there is singing in any of them! I think my favorite is Marc Antoine. Who is your favorite?

  16. I love house quilts and my mom loves them even more. I will have to send her the link to your site. I love the flying geese border you put on the bird house quilt. That really has me thinking. It was lovely seeing your work. You are right, your quilts make me smile.

  17. What?!? A sailboat quilt and a house quilt are on my bucket list. Your quilts are so fun, and I never even thought of a stick figure quilt, but they are my favorite thing to draw since they are the only thing I can draw 🙂

  18. Wow, you have some fun quilts here and a great sense of humor. Love the title you came up with on Cirque de Stické. Dots are a favorite of mine as well but you make them look much sassier! Could be just a hunch, but I don’t see a low volume quilt in your near future. 🙂 (Oh, I’m also from the first week of the blog hop, but still getting around to all of the amazing blogs).

  19. Hi Linda – I’m stopping by to visit from the hop. I was in the first group too. I love your colorful quilts, and I really love your sailboat quilts. I hope I see more of you on the hop!!

  20. Hi Linda,
    Did you know your email is not visible in your Blogger profile making you a no reply blogger? I figure you probably set up a basic “Blogger” profile so you can comment on blogspot blogs. If you’d like to make your email visible so people can reply to your comments, but don’t know how, I can help if you like. 🙂
    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

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