Getting Ready for 2015!

Happy Day-After-Christmas!

The last 4 months have been quite eventful!  After 19 years with my company and ironically 19 months of partial sick-leave due to a crazy virus, my job was eliminated.  It was a bit of a bummer and my first time at being unemployed in my adult life.  But thankfully I have a super supportive family and now I find myself really enjoying my new life.  No more crazy pace, no more travel and fretting about getting home, and no more pressure to hit quotas.  What I do have time for is taking care of my family, saying hello to neighbors when I’m out walking and more time to create fun things from fabric.  I am a very lucky girl!

Due to my new work status, I decided that I would make my family Christmas gifts this year.  I thought I would try my hand at something wearable rather than a quilt.  So I ended up making my people some very fun and outrageous pants.  I had a hard time making the pattern, so I made a few modifications to better suit my skill level.   I can say that after one go at elastic waists – that part of the pattern was simply eliminated!   Good heavens that stuff is tricky to work with.  Plus who wants all that constriction anyway?

Everyone got something different and personalized.  I had a blast making them!  Here are my pants:

IMG_3104 IMG_3106 IMG_3109 IMG_3113 IMG_3117 IMG_3125 IMG_3132 IMG_3139


8 thoughts on “Getting Ready for 2015!

  1. I, too, worked 19 years with a company in a position I enjoyed and one in which I’d be productive to retirement and then even be hired back to work sesonally when the position was eliminated. I’m not a spring chicken looking for my first career so now I’m looking as I want a job whee I can use my skills, be productive, earn some money yet have time to quilt and spend with family and friends. I love the pants! Great colors and designs.

    1. Hi Mary – thank you! 19 years is a long time isn’t it? Were you surprised when they eliminated your job? I was only half surprised. I think being out on a partial medical leave for that long just put everyone over the edge. Oh well. I am working a little part time job – just 10 hours a week and I love it. I hope you find something good too 🙂 Linda

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you. I am definitely enjoying the change. Having a drastic drop in income takes a little getting used to, but other than that I sure am happier! Can’t wait to pop over to your website to see what you have been working on. Happy New Year!

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