Off to College Quilts!

She is off to college – and what fun we had getting everything ready.  I made a quilt for my daughter, a quilt for my niece and then a quilt for one of my daughter’s friends.  I enjoyed making every single block!


The tree quilt was for Swee, (my daughter’s friend), and we called it Swee’s Trees.  Swee came to our house back in June and picked out roughly 200 fabrics for her quilt and told me she liked the idea of trees.  So that’s what I made for her.  The color scheme was fun to work with but interestingly she did not choose a single red or purple fabric.  The best part of all was when I gave it to her and seeing her reaction.


This quilt was for my niece.  I made her quilt similar in style to my daughter’s quilt.  I used their favorite t-shirts as the base and then built it out from there.  Each quilt has around 250 unique fabrics in it.  I think it took four months to complete both quilts.


This is my daughter’s quilt in her dorm room!  I also made her two huge pillowcases to go with her 28″x28″ pillows.  It really makes her dorm room happy and comfy!

My next project is to make a series of lap size quilts that I am hoping to sell at a craft fair during the holidays.  Should be interesting!!!


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