Knitting with Fabric – Very Fun!

My friend brought over a quilt book (Sunday Morning Quilts) that showed this idea.  The author had made their fabric knitting project into a little rug and it looked really cool.  I added a flannel back to each and I use them as both covers for the back of chairs as well as a lapContinue reading “Knitting with Fabric – Very Fun!”

Playing with the wedge ruler – part two

The gigantic wedge circle was cool looking but I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet.  I decided to try a smaller version instead.  It was less intimidating and easier to work with. Plus – I had this amazing little box of fabric that I was really excited to use! Here is theContinue reading “Playing with the wedge ruler – part two”

Big Diamonds Quilt – Ready to be Quilted!

This was a fun and pretty simple quilt to put together.  The borders came from my stash and I like how the blue looks with the yellow and red diamonds.  I had originally thought I would need to use a black and white inner border to help with all the yellow and red color saturation.Continue reading “Big Diamonds Quilt – Ready to be Quilted!”