Minky Takes the Chill Out!

This has been everyone’s favorite snuggle quilt over the past week.  It has been unusually cold here and we’re all feeling the need to be covered in soft, fuzzy quilts.  The blue back is the softest Minky fabric I have felt yet!  It is perfection. And a picture with Kevin too – before I brushedContinue reading “Minky Takes the Chill Out!”

Happy Tuesday! A Few Parts in Progress…

Greetings!  I’ve been busy making parts this past week.  There have been so many things I’ve wanted to just dabble in – so that is exactly what I’ve been doing.  How fun is that?  Here are two of the parts I’ve been working on – a fun star strata piece using an 8 1/2 inchContinue reading “Happy Tuesday! A Few Parts in Progress…”

Work in Progress – Bali Pops and Sailboats

I love the assorted shades of blue that came in my “Bali Pop” roll.  All the different blues reminded me of the water, so of course sailboats needed to be a part of this project as well. I have the center area finished, but now I need to figure out what comes next.  Definitely timeContinue reading “Work in Progress – Bali Pops and Sailboats”

The “Retro” Block – Kevin’s Red One and the Purple One

Camille Roskelley’s “Retro” block was definitely a lot of fun to make.  In fact I liked it so much that I made two quilts with that block.  I thought it would be fun to try the quilt in purple and orange.  Because the  purple and orange were so strong in color, I added the whiteContinue reading “The “Retro” Block – Kevin’s Red One and the Purple One”