Random Bits

IMG_1033 IMG_0530

My Boys.  Puppy Kevin and Big Brother Timmy.


My sweet Jilly.

Here are a few pictures of my quilts in my house.

The first picture has my wooden bears, a few of my collectible tea cups and the quilt is one I call Erica’s Pants Go To The Circus.  The reason for the title is that I cut up some of her old pants to use in the quilt because I loved the colors and textures of them.

The next picture is in my house – kind of the living room area.  You can tell how much I like to read 🙂

The third picture is out in my backyard.  We have a tiny backyard that is on a steep hill.  The cool part is that our back retaining walls are all covered in ivy.

20090619_134720_1395 20090619_135426_1406 20090619_141014_1449


IMG_1979IMG_1967 IMG_1968 IMG_1970


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